Baldies' Blog began originally in the UK by a 26 year old journalist with a blood cancer on a mission to inform the world about bone marrow donation.

He has since died, and I took on the cause of making cancer care more transparent for everybody.

Cancer is a disease that will touch everybody through diagnosis or affiliation: 1 in 2 men will be diagnosed and 1 in 3 woman will hear those words, "You Have Cancer."

I invite you to read how I feel along my journey and
how I am continuing to live a full life alongside my Hodgkin's lymphoma, with me controlling my cancer, not my cancer controlling me.

I hope that "Baldies' Blog" will prepare you to handle whatever life sends you, but especially if it's the message, "You Have Cancer."

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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Two Am Wake-Up Call: Let Them Eat Cake

Two am is the peak time for acid production in the human body.
Two am is also the time I wake up nightly.
Acid reflux is a side effect of prednisone also. I haven't experienced
the terrible burning sensation in the chest. What I do experience is the nastiest tast
ing "med-mouth" ever.
Med-mouth is my word. You won't find it in the texts.
My mouth tastes like chewed up pills when I wake up, the prednisone e
specially. I know, since
the prednisone pills like to dissolve before they get to my throat forcing me to taste them.
I can only imagine what my breath smells like.
This calls for an extra- special toothpaste.
I was prescription strength Prevadent 5000 from Colgate which increases salivary production (to keep my mouth moist) and has extra fluoride (to protect the enamel of my teeth against the acid reflux).
Right now, I'm out. I need to get another script.

This acid reflux is tricky. Since it doesn't bother me during the day I like to think it doesn't exist until 2 am, and that it poses no harm to my body.
It does. I need to take my prilosec more frequently. I generally take 20 mg at night, but when you have six others to take at night sometimes I overlook this one that I deem "optional."
The prednisone not only wakes me up at 2 am from acid reflux, but then it tells me to EAT or sleep is a forgotten memory.
Guess what time it is?
I'm up and eating. Honey nut cheerios have been a favorite for years, but prednisone hunger has a mind of its own.
Just ask Brynn about our vacation to Alabama where she caught me eating Red Velvet Cake at 2am and I offered her a slice like it was perfectly normal.
In my world, it is perfectly normal. I'm coming up on the four year anniversary of my diagnosis (4/5/06). In her world, it's not so normal to wake up in the middle of the night just to eat cake.


Anonymous said...

You just have to enjoy some of the little pleasures in life!!

brynn said...

but i still love you! :)