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Monday, September 12, 2011

Vic's Healthy Hillary Update 9-12

 Hi to all
Hillary Jon and Xander came over last Evening. It has been a long time since I have seen the whole family with lots of positive energy.Xander is now on an 8 and under travel club soccer team. He had his first game yesterday against Nashua World cup. We thought he would hold his own against better competition but we had really only seen him play in Rec leagues. He was a big fish in a little pond. Well he proved to be a big fish in bigger lake. He dominated the game 7 goals and 4 assists. Claremont won 16-1. His success and leadership built the confidence of his team and his family.

Well Hillary went to NYC for her treatment on Thursday. And of coarse the had to raise the threat level just to make it more exciting. We have been told multiple times that the second time is much easier as any issues would have shown up on the 1st treatment. Not with Hillary. She can change any trial drug study. 10 minutes into the infusion she got a terrible reaction. Heart Racing, itching, Hives, very short of breath, her body was crashing. Nancy was there to alert the nurses and they worked quickly. Lots of Benedryl and Adavan knocked her out cold. Steroids--- Maybe Xander has been taking them too!! Interesting concept.Oh not the same type, but I digress. About a half hour later her heart rate was back to normal and she was sound asleep. So they gave her the rest of the infusion. Nancy kept her in the infusion room for 5 more hours just to make sure she was ok. Then she wheeled her back to the hotel and slept till 6am and woke up a new person. Ready to conquer the world.
We still don't know if this drug has reduced the cancer. We do expect that it must have slowed or stopped it from spreading. As fast as it was spreading before it would have affected some major organs by now.

So with the treatment behind them and a terror threat in front of them they decided to head home to safe and sound New Hampshire. But some of you may know the Holyoke Mall is on the way home and of coarse they had to stop. All the stores they came out of they set of the theft alarms. Some of them were even set off going into the stores. This drug is not supposed to be Chemo or Radio active but it seems it has the same chemistry that the anti theft devices have. At least they don't think they were stealing anything!! I wonder if the machines were set to detect dirty bombs. Hillary has had enough Radio Active Drugs to set that off? In the Christmas tree shop Hillary started to feel nausea. She ask a worker where the nearest bathroom was as she was holding her stomach. She was immediately brought to the employee only bathroom. The worker thought she had morning sickness from being pregnant! If she only knew! 15 minutes later she was ready to shop again. Now that is dedication!!
In 3 weeks it is my turn to take her to NYC. They did go to Broadway and saw "Sister Act". Somehow I think my trip will not include Broadway shows and Shopping. But Hillary always has a way of convincing her old man to do what she wants. I bet she will come up with something to do besides her treatment. I guess I wouldn't expect anything less.

Well Hillary has made it past the critical dates. All the prayers and support have got us thru another roller coaster cycle. I feel much more confident than I did about 5 weeks ago, I am glad that Hillary has will power and determination. But We a ecstatic to have as much support from our family and friends to carry us. I can't begin to tell you how great it feels to know we have lots of loving and caring friends pulling for us.

Vic, Nancy, Patrick and Grace, Preston, Pierce, Allen and Heather, Jon Xander and Especially Hillary


1 comment:

B. said...

Glad Hillary made it through the reaction at NYU -- While we met at O's office for a few minutes, we discussed some of these side effects...

Hill and Vic, just be prepared that this WILL happen again, as through the six or seven cycles (before I called it off with SGN), these same reactions continued to happen (especially hives, rashes, and pain) during the infusion. The shortness/stopping of breath can also continue to occur.

Just make sure your nurse is always near you guys that first half hour. So they can push more ativan and benadryl, and you guys should be golden.

Here's hoping the SGN is working.

Sending Love,