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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Southern Goodness

"Cheesy Bisquits are evidence God loves us and wants us to be happy." -Brynn, reworking the famous Benjamin Franklin quote.

I didn't really know anything about the "dirty down south" except some of the normal northern stereotypes, what I jad seen on tv, or heard from my sister, who lived here with her husband while he did graduate research at appalacha state university a couple years back.
Here is what I now know: southern hospitality is a very real thing. We are having the time of our lives.
X keeps referring to Chip and Colleen's house (we'll call them c and c) as "the hotel."
When he stood corrected yesterday he said "well, its like a hotel.... She made us pancakes.... They have a pool..." His rationale was full of thoughtful pauses for dramatic effect.
I may say, with Colleen as coordinator, this may be better than any hotel we have been to. The house is gorgeous with a pool in the back, right on the golf course (which x, at 6, has been begging to play on). The fridge is stocked, and we went to a montgomery farmers market yesterday where I discovered all sorts of southern goodness that I had never heard of.
There were jams made from local fruits that I didn't know existed and garlic pickles, which I tried despite the communal testing dish. My immediate health was worth the risk to try those garlic dill crisps.
Those are definately worth writing home about.
While we were there I clicked away at my blackberry so I could google the recipes at home.
Next we were off to the train station, which had been kept beautifully in all its glory. X picked up some confederate money for his collection (in DC he and lexi picked up fake obama million dollar bills for dad's day).
Colleen picked him up a confederate flag, which x quickly turned to the side and claimed it was an "x" flag.
I did not know that Montgomery is home to the confederate white house and that we had traveled to "the heart of winn dixie," but I will say with what I've seen, I could have a little bit of a belle in me.
Of course, we ladies fit some shopping in, hitting up a huge sports store and some cute boutiques before going back to rest out the afternoon heat. We did make a quick stop for some "cheesy bisquits" which x has declared his new favorite thing.
Those are worth replicating.
When I get home, I am definately trying my hands at creating them. The AC makes the 100+ temperatures bearable, but the heat did get to us.
X is living in the pool and barely rested before his big evening surprise: a montgomery biscuits game!
Montgomery has a AAA team having a game last night that colleen planned out and brynn had kept for x as a big surprise. We didn't tell him where we were going so we could see the look on his face as he entered the stadium.
I love the awestruck look of a child experiencing something new. It took a second for the reality to kick in and then he was off and exploring.
He had to have a #1 fan finger and is now the proud wearer of a montgomery hat in camaflouge, which he picked to be just like his newfound male idol, jake, who wears a camoflauge red sox hat.
X is one lucky child, not only since he gets to go great places, but since he has so many wonderful male role models.
Sometimes, I look around and wonder where all the good men are but then I realize how many we have. According to a study cited in Malcolm Gladwel's "Outliers" the primary difference in parenting styles between social classes is that children of upper or middle class parents are encouraged at an early age to engage in conversation, both socially and in everyday situations (like speaking to the doctor themselves when they are sick about their illness or the cashier when making a purchase).
Thank goodness the best things in life are free.
Any person can encourage interaction in their children. I do think having my parents forcing me into "adult" interactions at a young age helped me mature and grow.
I'm hoping to keep up the trend.
It's definately made easier with some good friends.
Jake gained some serious points with x (as if he needed more) by catching a hot dog shot out of a canon when the free hot dog cart drove around the field.

As soon as we saw the cart and the announcement to "stand uo for a free hotdog" brynn, x and I were on our feet waving our biscuit fan and #1 finger.
I thought we may have been missed but the pros in the cart had the physics down, the dog landed across the aisle from jake, who dove to get it. X got a free hot dog due to Jake's due diligence.
X definately has his mom in him.
He collected so much free stuff it overflowed my gigantic purse: a frisbee from our bbq dinner, a team poster, schedule, cup. His album is filling up quick and the week has barely started.

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Anonymous said...

Didn't I tell you? Nothing like the South for fun in the sun!
So glad that you are having a great time.