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Cancer is a disease that will touch everybody through diagnosis or affiliation: 1 in 2 men will be diagnosed and 1 in 3 woman will hear those words, "You Have Cancer."

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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Update from Vic & family

Hi too all
Yes it's 3:00 when I am writing again. I am tired from standing at the wake from 1:00 to 9:30. But all the support, many hugs, and positive people that shared their time today have all humbled me. What a small caring world we have around us. The moon shining in so bright has given a clear path to the computer to share some thoughts

I was stunned at how many players from other teams came to tell us their favorite stories of her as a competitor but how she could be a friend also.

I saw her her former coach who is also a twin give me some of the perspectives on both Heather and Hillary.

I watched as over 600 people flooded the wake, some of the wait times being nearly 2 hours!! I hope we didn't offend people by being so slow. Those people who didn't stay-- I don't blame you- I probably would have left and said some prayers. I could definitely feel your love. 

I was very happy that the whole mood was positive, a little crying but more amazement that she could accomplish so much in so many short years. It was heart wrenching.

For the several cancer survivors that she helped. you spoke with elegance on how she was able to help. For the several that have active cancer, especially the ones that Hillary would spread hope that you can beat it, I pray that you can keep her faith.

Father Stan's comments hit me hard-- When I was sick she inspired me. After I was better she motivated me. If you don't know Father Stan he is the most active Priest I have ever met. He is 86 years old. If your a star wars fan he reminds me of Yoda. Wise man he is. The force is strong in him. He will say the funeral today. 

The church only holds about 250 people. We are now expecting 500+. I sit here tonight and say what are we going to do? Well we will send them to the reception hall or the Hope Hill cemetery and try to catch up with them there. We can only grieve from 1:00 to maybe 2:30. Then we are change from grieving to, how she touched us and how she has changed us. If it was Hillary she would be planning something new to make an impact.

I was told today about an article in the Washington Post-- How would the Republicans help Hillary St Pierre-- I made me remember the day we were going to Dana Farber in Boston for treatment but she had to stop in Concord to testify in front of the state senate. She did not have standing so she waited a long time to speak. Many dignitaries spoke to the bill. But when Hillary spoke every one in the room stopped and really listened. She had facts, she verbalized perfectly, she was just dazzling. I watched as a bill that faced certain death was transformed and passed because of her. She could personalize her issues but not for pity but real life effectiveness.   I was so inspired that day. I remembered the the serenity prayer and thought how do you know the difference of the things you can't change?  She was taking them on and winning!

Well enough for today. I should rest. I had a wonderful wake -- if that is possible. I have over 1000 emails to respond too. I hope to get to all of them. I do about 3 at a time and have to stop. My heart has been touched by all of you.

Thanks for your Prayers and support-- and way too many cookies. 

Vic, Nancy, Grace and Patrick, Allen, Pierce, Preston,Heather, Jon Xander and God bless you Hillary 


Anonymous said...

Hi Vic, I am so happy that you are still using the blog. Today's funeral was amazing. There were tears, laughter, clapping more tears and lots of love. Hillary was an amazing person! She helped me without even knowing. I would like to share that story with you one day. I do not however have the courage like Hillary to post it here.
I give you and your family my heart filled sympathy. Please know Hill lives on. Woth everyone she touched.
By the way, did you see the sun beam into the church today. The brightness and warmth, that was your girl. ~ Shelly Page

Anonymous said...

Driving home from Claremont to Charlestown this afternoon there was a beautiful white cross in the sky created by exhaust from airplanes. I knew it was a sign from Hillary that she is still with us. May she rest in peace and those she left behind live in peace and love.

Loraine Ritchey said...

A truly amazing young woman and you are right she "dazzeled" and she still reaches out and touches us ....... your family gave us a great gift in Hillary .... I am so sorry and know we thought of her as truly one of the brave.... Loraine

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Thinking of you and the family.Louis and Nancy

Noreen said...

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