Baldies' Blog began originally in the UK by a 26 year old journalist with a blood cancer on a mission to inform the world about bone marrow donation.

He has since died, and I took on the cause of making cancer care more transparent for everybody.

Cancer is a disease that will touch everybody through diagnosis or affiliation: 1 in 2 men will be diagnosed and 1 in 3 woman will hear those words, "You Have Cancer."

I invite you to read how I feel along my journey and
how I am continuing to live a full life alongside my Hodgkin's lymphoma, with me controlling my cancer, not my cancer controlling me.

I hope that "Baldies' Blog" will prepare you to handle whatever life sends you, but especially if it's the message, "You Have Cancer."

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Monday, October 12, 2009

dad's family update

Hi allThis has the potential to be a long update. I was hoping for a nicerelaxing Columbus day weekend at home, go to good friends wedding andjust have fun. But we have feed off of excitement not relaxation. So letme catch you up with everything.Patrick has this week off from school so I have lots of work for him. Heand Grace made the bigggg announcement to us on Friday Night. They areengaged to be married. We are so excited. Grace is wonderful. She hasbeen a part of our family for more than 5 years now. She is an RNworking in Portland Maine. She spent 3 weeks this summer working inGhana for doctors without borders. She and Patrick seem great for eachother.  OK another wedding to plan. No date set yet. Both will havetheir bachelor degrees in May.Heather was told she could not go to the wedding up her in Hew Hampshirebecause she was too close to having the baby. Well today --Sunday at5:27 pm Preston Allen Wellington, 7 lbs 1 oz blessed us with hispresence!! Nancy has now moved to Natick Mass for the week to help out.Pierce is very excited for having Nana and a new brother. Preston,Pierce, Heather and Allen are all doing well.Nancy had to finish her report on Friday so that the national dentalhygiene exam could be voted on 30 days from now. She is the chairman of the exam committee that is writing an exam that will be universal forall 50 states. That is the goal anyway. 1 test so that it will meet therequirements of all 50 state and Hygienist can travel between states andwork without taking another exam!! The committee looked like a who's-whowith professors with doctorates, written books, in education at majoruniversities. Then their is Nancy with an associates degree but has workexperience for 33 years as chairman.  It's now off to be voted on.Now for Hillary. I have not been keeping everyone up to date. Hillaryspent most of last week in Dartmouth with severe lung problems. She wasreleased on Thursday but is back in on Monday. We have eliminatedpneumonia. When I took her in last Saturday she could barely breathe.After 60 mg of morphine she was finally able to cope with the pain. Theydid lots of test on the 2 spots on her lungs but still don't know whatit is. Tomorrow she is going in for thoracic surgery. They are going totake out a sample of what is in her lung. they have already tried 2other types of surgery without success.  While she was there, Dr Meehanwho is the head of the transplant team, Brought his whole class toHillary's room. 20 medical students!! Hillary lectured and was able todo live demonstrations about Graff VS Host disease. Dr Meehan was veryimpressed. Now we have this big argument weather she will be going toDartmouth or Harvard medical school after she get well. Dr Alyea at DanaFarber teaches at Harvard! She still could do it if we can get herhealthy. She certainly has the will to do it if she wants too!! Hillarydid make it to Nicole and Jeff's wedding. Hillary and Jon introducedJeff to Nicole at one of there parties.Well I'm glad I had a nice relaxing weekend. How was your weekend??  Thefall colors are just beautiful this year.  I love Columbus Day weekendbecause I usually can get all my wood in and enjoy the fall weather. Itjust seems like life just keeps on moving by unless we can look past therush and enjoy all that is happening right around us. Thanks for caring.The roller coaster of emotions continue. Lets hope for an improvement inHillary so she can enjoy all the good things that happen around us.

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