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Friday, January 16, 2009

Civil Rights for 5 year-olds

I just had the most adorable conversation with Xander and Colin about Civil Rights and Martin Luther King. While sitting at the island in our kitchen eating brownies, the boys decided to tell me what they learned in school.
Xander started the conversation by saying, “I learned about the white guy that shot that guy, that guy…..”
“I know! I know who it is. Uhhhh.” Colin said.
“Martin Luther King?” I guided them.
"YES!" Said Colin.
“Yeah, that guy.” Said Xander.
“I didn’t really get it,” said Colin. “There was something different about black people?”
“I know. I know.” Xander said, enthusiastically. “I got it. The white guy hated his brown skin and the guy didn’t care.”
“Yeah and everybody needed to understand that we’re the same even if we look different, right?” I asked the kids.
“Yeah!” Xander said, enthusiastically, like it was obvious.
“Yeah, I think so.” Colin said, contemplating this, being the thinker he is.
This is the civil rights movement, in a nut shell, from five year olds.

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Dani said...

hahaha, sounds like our house the other night....