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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Fair Weather Red Sox Fan?

Okay, okay, okay. I’ve read your comments. Red Sox fans are RELENTLESS.
I certainly don’t want to go against terms of a bet.
Being a good sport, and since I am in tentative remission, I’m going to consider being a “fair weather” Red Sox Fan (I certainly wouldn’t want to lose your support, Melinda J) .
This is a very serious decision, and I’ve been told many times, that in my condition, I shouldn’t be making any major life decisions or changes.
My husband, and many of his friends, say this may be grounds for separation.
However, my life is in the hands of Bostonians and my parents and all their friends are serious Red Sox fans.
I’m starting to feel an equal attachment to both cities.
So, I’m going to put this up for a poll. Should a tentative remission make me a “fair weather” Red Sox fan?
I’m leaving this decision up to you all. Go to the right to vote.
I KNOW some of you are going to run up the polls, and I suspect it will be you persistent Red Sox fans.
But I’ll wait and see how it pans out. NOW VOTE!


Bekah said...


Whoooooooop. I know how BIG this first scan is. But, I also know, how we, cancer patients need to be cautiously optimistic. It's a good quality to have.

PS - you are SO absolutely adorable. I just had to add that.

Anyway, Born and raised near Philly, I've struggled with this dilemma as well. But, after many years... have been embraced with red sox nation. So, of COURSE, you should come over to this side.

I'd say, every three months. You weigh your options, lovely. And for now, let the weight of once-being a yankees fan. disappear for a bit.

Enjoy what you can. For now. (hopefully you're reading in between all the lines of my lovely metaphors. hehe).

Okay, I'm off -- I'll be writing you an e-mail soon. Congrats on the PET! So proud of you.

<3 B

Anonymous said...

I voted "no". There's nothing half way about being a red sox fan! It's all or nothing, baby!!!

Erica said...

I also vote no. Don't leave NY with one less fan! Make a deal with your friends and family that you'll become a fan of some other Boston area sports team, like say, the Patriots or New England Revolution. I'd say the Celtics, but I'm a hard core Spurs fan. Haha, talk about coincidence. The word this site gave me for word verification is boston

Anonymous said...

How about you can just add some "Dropkick Murphy" to your play list. Kind of a compromise.


brynn said...

But I think you already knew that considering your attire! :)

Dani said...

ok, so I voted yes, but I do understand your concern?? Luv ya, see you on Sunday, the boys can't wait they ask every day, when they can come back and play with X...

Anonymous said...

I agree with are absolutely adorable....and I voted YES!!!!! I mean how can you be a Yankees fan????

Anonymous said...

I say who gives a damn!?!?!?!

I'm just so happy that you had a clean test. You are amazing Hill ... & I love the way you stir poeople up. So you go girl.


PS: Maybe, like the shenanigans this last summer in NY, you ought to wear a Yankees shirt under the Red Sox ... sort of fool those silly folks who think the Red Sox can keep it up!! ;o)

Yanellie said...

sniff sniff......why boston? lol

love you girlie!

Tad & Barbara said...

Wait a minute, not all your parents' friends are Red Sox fans. Your godparents down here in CT are Yankee fans all the way. But we don't want to sway you either way, just set the record straight. We're so glad you are feeling better.

Shannon said...

Red Sox all the way Hill!!

Vanessa said...

I think you should be a full blown red sox fan! And FYI, the Red sox attire is WAYYYYY better then the Yankees! Trust me! LOL. I have closets full! Take care!


Kara said...

Id probably ask for a biopsy first to confirm it. That way you will know for sure. Thats what I did last time I had a spot show up. AS you know how that turned out. My docs wanted to just wait and see in 3-4 months what it was doing. Im glad I didnt. Thats just my honest take on it. I hope this doesnt upset you or make you mad. Cautiously optimisitic is good.