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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Bush Bunny Brenda

It's time I let you know about my personal favorite blog, one I've admired and has inspired me since before "blogs" existed in 2002, while I was in college. Bush Bunny Brenda who is an American nurse made rescuing the orphans of malibia her personal mission. I so badly wanted to join her. I admired her bravery to follow her heart and trust she could help by the faith of God. Without further adu, let me introduce Bush Bunny Brenda of Date: May 12, 2011

Subject: Brenda and The Elephants

From: "Brenda Lange"

 Blog May 12, 2011


  The health team, which included our orphanage manager, Sylvia, went to the village which was reported to have wide spread malnutrition among over 200 kids.  Their investigation was hindered yesterday by elephants, which are the source of the problem.  Many of the villagers, including the malnourished children, were in their fields trying to save what they could from these huge vacuum cleaners who can eat a whole field in one night.

IN THE NATURAL,  the only way to stop a herd of elephants is with bullets or a massive bush fire, so all they know to do is grab what you can, then run and hide when the elephants move in to attack your field.


BUT WE KNOW that the creator of those elephants stop them in their tracks!

So I ask for your prayers to send the elephants away so the people can save what little they have left.


Most of the village was in hiding yesterday, so our team will return on Friday to try and get an accurate account of how many kids are affected.

  I’m working to coordinate an emergency food drop to the area.

Will keep you posted as information comes in.


Blessings and thanks for your anti-elephant prayers.


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