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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

NH At It Again

Ugh, it's WORSE than it looks or we thought. 

NH is voting tomorrow to not only join an expensive lawsuit, but reject and return grant money received and used for an electronic health exchange.

What a second?!

Our leaders are voting to spend money to go backwards to rooms stacked high with medical files or where e-faxed medical records go un-shredded into the trash?

And giving spent money back on a project started over a year ago (and I know being on the committee)!

To clarify, The New Hampshire Citizens Alliance States:

"HB 89, which requires the Attorney General to join the lawsuit against the new health law and seeks to nullify the personal responsibility provision in the new health law. 

Last week the Senate Commerce Committee approved an amended version of HB 89 (4-1), converting its text to the language of SB 148 as it was originally passed by the Senate.  That amendment language says that the New Hampshire AG "should" (rather than "shall") file suit against the federal government over the ACA."

Why the revote and change in language?

Forcing an Attorney General through legislation by stating he "Shall" join is unconstitutional.

NH is wasting their time and money fighting the constitutionality of the healthcare bill with unconstitutional legislation! 

Now that is irony.

If Representatives were listening to their constituents and leaders they would stop this madness and join NH's Attorney General who has stated clearly he does not want to join in an expensive battle that will go on with or with out us.

Where do they think all this cash is coming from!!! 
This is all Sad but true. Somewhere, somehow our government has changed from a democracy to an idiocracy.

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