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Cancer is a disease that will touch everybody through diagnosis or affiliation: 1 in 2 men will be diagnosed and 1 in 3 woman will hear those words, "You Have Cancer."

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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Post transplant Home Cleaning

Having your house cleaned prior to leaving the hospital (or hotel) is a pivotal part of post-treatment care. It may require calling in the troops to help. It will DEFINITELY not include any participation from the patient.
The patient, lucky you, must take a hands-off approach to housekeeping for a minimum of one hundred days, but everybody heals different, you may be out of commission longer. Your precise plants will have to go (I could never get them to survive anyway) The pets will have to find safe homes for a while, since they can get outside and roam, picking up gross bacteria and fungi.
I am fortunate that I have a wonderful Aunt who will donate a write off her time as our housecleaner. She is a hug blessing, and a relationship saver. I recommend a helper to every cancer patient if you can afford one or if someone will donate their time.
I just wanted to write down for you what will be needed before I return home and during the period of my disability. I will not be able to participate in cleaning for a minimum of 100 days post transplants. Ive been told it may take longer to recover and everybody heals at their own pace.
This is a note I started to write to my aunt:
When I’m gone, prior to my return home, we will need:
We need all the basics: kitchen, bathroom, and floors.
If you don’t mind doing some laundry, that would be great. It needs to be done on hot. If not, this is something Jon can manage. Cut this out when you’re in a hurry.
Also, cut mopping out if you’re in a hurry, but please try to get at least vacuum.
Jon and X will survive if the sheets aren’t changed weekly. Don’t worry about it.
Prior to my return is DEEP cleaning:
Windows will need to be washed with a basic glass cleaner. Walls will need to be scrubbed with soap and water. EVERYTHING needs dusting, everything, I use pledge.
Curtains& linens must be washed in hot water.
The bathroom does need special cleaning above and beyond the above and what you do weekly. It will need to be cleaned weekly until my hundred days. Jon will have to scrub the counters, shower, and toilets daily. This is only for my bathroom on the first floor.
I’d use an antibacterial (Clorox) cleaner on all the surfaces. No more green products, I need strong killers.
All the furniture needs to moved and the carpets and floors need to be cleaned and steamed. I was so lucky that servepro donated this service. They also cleaned my upholstery on my couches and my mattress. I recommend this method of hiring people is you can afford it. Cleaning is exhausting. Patients can’t do it. If you can’t afford it, gather as many friends as possibly, you’re going to need all hands on deck.
My fabulous friends also removed everything from my cabinets and drawers and scrubbed the interior! God bless them.
All my clothes were rewashed using hot water. No is not the time to be eco-friendly. I worked so hard to help reduce my carbon footprint, now those urges are gone.
I can’t play in the recycling, take out the trash, or have a compost pile. No indoor garden or exposure to plants. Resist the urge, now is not the time to save the planet.
My pets are being babysat at friends and families home. Free ranging pets cannot be allowed in the house if they run around outside. I, personally, decided to send them away. They are a burden when you are exhausted and I can’t keep up with the hair.
I can’t think of anymore cleaning necessities. I’m getting exhausted just thinking about the energy involved. One again, thank you friends, you rock and make my life so much easier.

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