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Friday, November 14, 2008


Whoa, watch out now, I have one terrible case of my “bronxitis.” I'm personally experiencing an AIG BLOW UP.
If I hear that we as tax payers are being forced to give one more cent to AIG, I think my head might explode.
If my son was eighteen and decided to blow all his money and bankrupt himself by preying on the vulnerability of others, I certainly would not be sending him more money.
That would be called “enabling,” and he would just keep crawling back for more. He would never take ACCOUNTABILITY and RESPONSIBILITY for the choices he made.
Where are these people’s mommas?
If my son did came back for a second time for repeating the same mistakes, throwing caution to the wind with unethical business practices that caused people to become homeless, I would not only NOT give him money, I would beat his ass for being a bad person.
Regular banks, such as Bank of America or Claremont Savings Bank locally, are not in this mess. They are not investment banks. They did not blur the approval qualifications for perspective homeowners.
They played by the rules. They played it safe and kept their secure, minimal profits. They accepted Lexuses instead of porsches. Their houses are a million dollars instead of 10 million. I think those bankers do just fine. My Dad is a Bank Director. From personal experience I know, his colleagues are doing just fine. Most are appalled by the actions of Wall St.
They saw this coming five years ago. I did too since at this time I was securing a mortgage for the home we built at the time.
I was certainly offered a sub-prime mortgage.
Stop, close your eyes, and imagine the situation I would be in now if I was not as financially savvy as I am.
The Wall Street debacle has all ready cost us over a trillion dollars, but the government just CAN NOT find the money for universal health care, which would cost an estimated $125 Billion a year.
Apparently, sin taxes, the 64 billion dollars hospitals all ready contribute and receive in deductions, and easing out of Iraq which costs billions monthly will not be used to take care of EVERYBODY.
We all will get sick at one point or another. Not everybody has the benefit of having a heart attack in their sleep and dying.
If you are so unlucky to live, the ambulance to the hospital alone will cost you $5000.
How many of us can just reach into our bank accounts and pull that out?
After you are discharged, if you are homeless, you'll be put in a cab (if you're not just kicked to the curb) and dropped off in front of the nearest homeless shelter.
Apparently, we can reach into our pockets and fund greed, foul business practices, and recruitment “retreats” in the Caribbean for our rich to get richer.
I, being the productive SICK citizen I am, have been forced to lose my assets, suffer debts more than the balance of the mortgage I don’t have since the insurance would take a house I owned, and cry at night wondering, not how I’ll survive cancer, but how I’ll feed my family, heat my home, and get to Boston for treatment.
I just thought everybody should know exactly how I feel about this, since others like me are out on the streets in the rain right now, and can’t represent.
If it’s not clear, here’s a song to remember:
THE AIG BALANCE SHEETS (Sing to “The Adams Family”)
They’re creepy and they’re kooky,
Mysterious and spooky,
They’re altogether flukey,
The AIG Balance Sheets.
Their office is a museum
Where people come to see ‘em
They really are a scream
The AIG Balance Sheets.
(Black Hole)
So get your Bailout TARP on
and some drums that you can roll on
We’re gonna pay a call on
The AIG Balance Sheets.

Thanks WilliamBanzai7.
The Attorney General is who you would complain to about such a travesty. Contact the office at or see for more information.
Another option, Howard Dean has left his post amongst rumors he will be joining Obama’s Cabinet leading our country’s health care system (can I hear a go homeboy), Tell him at Remember to play nice.

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